Book Two Third Edition

Fly Better Book Two....Aeroplane

Handling Techniques​​
Fly Better Book Two - Third Edition, follows on from the lessons contained in Book One. It defines specific flight control techniques based upon the aerodynamic principles explained in those lessons.

This book focuses on non aerobatic handling techniques which can be applied to all normal category aeroplanes, many of which will be quite new to most readers. The topics covered are:

Lesson 1. Attitude Reference Point.
Lesson 2. The Landing Approach.
Lesson 3. Landing.
Lesson 4. Short Landing.
Lesson 5. Glide Circuit.
Lesson 6. Forced landings.
Lesson 7. Your Wings.
Lesson 8. 2G Turn.
Lesson 9. Lazy Eight.
Lesson 10. Chandelle.


Book Two Third Edition

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This book was first released on 4 Mar 2010. This third edition was released on 27 July 2017. It is 4mb in size.
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