Book Three Second Edition

Fly Better Book Three......The Art of

Aerial Navigation. 
The 'Art of Aerial Navigation' in this age of Global Positioning Satelites seems to be a dying art. However, a good understanding of pilot navigation techniques must be demonstrated in order to obtain the most basic pilots licence. Why? Because electronic systems can fail for a multitude of reasons which could leave you and your passengers in a life threatening situation!

Most flight schools and flight instructors over complicate the process of learning navigation techniques. This book presents a practical guide to pilot navigation using only a Map, a Compass, a Pencil and a Brain.

Already licenced pilots will find what I teach in this book much simpler than what they have been taught elsewhere and flying instructors will find these techniques much simpler to teach to their students with better results. The students of course will actually enjoy learning to navigate the aeroplane themselves.

I have also included a section on an easy method of interpreting basic radio aid information for the more advanced students, plus a navigation 'game' to assist in practicing all of these techniques at home.

The topics covered are:

Lesson One - Navigation Logs
Lesson Two - Time
Lesson Three - Map Reading
Lesson Four - Track Correcting
Lesson Five - Track Crawling
Lesson Six - Low Level Navigation
Lesson Seven - Lost Procedures
Lesson Eight - Fuel Consumption Graphs
Lesson Nine - Radio Aids to Visual Navigation
Lesson Ten - Area Navigation by Radio Aids
Suppliment - The Navigation Game.

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This book was first released on 1 Sept '09. This edition was released on 12 Feb '11. It is 1.7 mb in size.


Flybetter Book Three Second Edition

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