Book One Fourth Edition

Fly Better Book One......Aerodynamics

and other Stuff.
Fly Better Book One - Fourth Edition, Aerodynamics and other Stuff; is a new and expanded edition of the very popular original, with expanded explanations and new lessons which takes the student pilot from the correct and simple explanation of what keeps an aeroplane ‘up there’, all the way to how to determine the direction of rotation in an inverted spin!  And much much more..... The topics covered are:

Lesson 1. The Air in which we fly.
Lesson 2. Lift.
Lesson 3. Drag.
Lesson 4. Thrust.
Lesson 5. Power.
Lesson 6. Stability and Control.
Lesson 7. Manoeuvring.
Lesson 8. Climbing.
Lesson 9. Gliding.
Lesson 10. Ground Effect.
Lesson 11. Stalling.
Lesson 12. Side Slipping.
Lesson 13. Aircraft Structural Limits.
Lesson 14. Turning at the Limit.
Lesson 15. Human Limits.
Lesson 16. Spinning.
Sailplane Suppliment.
Comments on Flying Instructors.


Fly Better Book One Fourth Edition

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But the air is so thin....
.......What keeps them up there?
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