Fly Better Book Four....Flight Instructional Technique.
There are many books written for trainee flight instructors. They are all big on detail about how to present a theory lesson to a class, but lack detail about how to present a flying lesson where it counts....in the air.

This book fills that need. It presents a powerful method of conducting a flying lesson in the cockpit. It also covers other important issues such as 'Training Syllabus' construction, a flexible and reliable method of giving a meaningful pre-flight briefing, and a unique approach to the conduct of student solo practice.

The subjects are covered in five sections:

Section 1. Learning
Section 2. Syllabuses
Section 3. Briefings
Section 4. Airborne Instructional Technique
Section 5. Practice 

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This book was first released on 12 Feb '11. It is.8 mb in size
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